Important things to consider when planning a vacation to Ireland

Important things to consider when planning a vacation to Ireland

If you’re planning a visit to the Emerald Isle any time in the future, it pays to do a little planning beforehand. Ireland may be a small country but it packs a punch for its size and you’ll be hard pressed to fit everything in over a two week holiday period.

Preparation is the key

You may already have a few places that you definitely want to visit – you might want to kiss the Blarney Stone or step onto the Giant’s Causeway, to name just two. But Ireland is much more than a few favourites, there’s a host of beautiful countryside, historic buildings and monuments, not to mention the activity centres and restaurants and bars.

It’s easy nowadays to do your research online and build a list of the things you want to see and do. There are some incredible places to visit in some of Ireland’s more remote areas so you won’t have to battle with hordes of other visitors.

How are you going to get around?

Particularly if you are visiting some of the more remote spots of the country you will be better off having access to a car. One great option is to hire a private tour driver and guide who can stay with you during your vacation and personally take you to all the best spots. That way you don’t have to worry about getting to your destination and can simply sit back and relax, enjoying the ride. Another benefit is that you get someone who has all that extra local knowledge which is invaluable when you are in a new country and want to get the most out of your vacation.

Where are you going to stay?

If you are spending your vacation in one area then you will need to pick just a single accommodation for your stay. If you are travelling around then you may need to find several hotels to and it might be better to find a company that can book everything for you, rather than trying to do it all yourself. Ireland has a range of accommodations to suit almost every pocket from bed and breakfast in a farmhouse to five star bedrooms in a plush hotel.

When are you going to travel?

The good news is that Ireland is open all year round and each of the seasons has something to offer. The most popular periods are obviously Spring through to early Autumn but if you like the frost and snow of winter then there’s still plenty of things to do and see.

How much are you going to spend?

Unless you have unlimited finances, you will need to plan a budget for your trip. That can include the cost of food and lodgings but also things like entry to museums and buying souvenirs. It’s also a good idea to check the exchange rate. In the Republic of Ireland the currency is the Euro whilst in Northern Ireland it is the English pound.
As with any holiday, if you want to make sure that everything goes with a bang you need to do your planning and a little bit of research. Get it all right and you will find yourself on a holiday of a lifetime.